we have to accept all stages in life

this whole life thing can be confusing and can leave us just sitting there not knowing what to do or what to think about it all.  but i think the one rule of thumb for getting through the idea of thinking about life is to not ponder on it too long.  if we do ponder on why things happen and what is happening – it will leave us frustrated.  this includes all the stages we go through and our kids go through – from youth to adulthood to old age.  it is easier to ponder your own trip through these stages because you are personally living in these stages and you won’t feel sad about going from stage to stage – you will accept it rather quickly.  you will say “wow, it is going fast and i am getting old” – but you will accept it – you have to.  on the other hand – when it comes to accepting your kids going through these same stages – and you are there guiding them through the youth to adulthood stage – it can be more difficult to accept.  you don’t want to see them grow up but you do want them to grow up.  it not only accentuates your own march to the end but it just hits your heart to let go more and more.  that is why we must not ponder on this too much – it will only hurt and confuse us more.  you will ponder a bit – but then quickly move on with life.  this is out of our control so no need to waste too many feelings in this area.  each stage is exciting – so enjoy it, accept it – and don’t ponder for long – not healthy.

lower your voice

i need to stop raising my voice to my children.  i need to stop yelling.  i need to make a change once and for all and get a grip on my emotions – and not raise my voice.  if i don’t get a grip and i keep raising my voice – it could have a lasting negative impact on my relationships with my children.  i need to make the change – not them.  i need to be the maturing adult and see what i have to do to make things better – and lowering my voice when speaking to them is one of those changes.  it is difficult to make this change – but you must keep at it until you have mastered the art of lowering your voice.  and if you do raise your voice, you need to apologize for doing so.  99% of your comments to others do not require you to raise your voice.  start practicing lowering your voice – it can change a life.