the armadillo effect

we need to avoid the armadillo effect.  this is an effect that can come across all of us.  we go out into this world – we are brave, we are fearless.  that is all good.  we need to be brave, we need to be fearless – in order to see the world, to explore the world – to learn from our experiences.  this is a must to progress, to eventually succeed.  but what we must not do is fall under the armadillo effect.  this is when you are so confident that you let your guard down.  you think nothing will happen to you, you think nothing will harm you.  you think you are invincible.  this can lead to great harm coming your way.  this can lead to an early grave.  you can be brave, you must be fearless – but don’t be naive to think that you don’t need to be alert – that you don’t need to keep an eye out – that you don’t need to watch out for trouble.  this is the armadillo effect and it can kill you.  the armadillo walks casually across a busy road.  the armadillo does not try to avoid traffic.  the armadillo does not care about being in harm’s way.  the armadillo does not rely on judgement.  the armadillo is not alert and ready for trouble.  the armadillo only relies on fate.  the armadillo is often run over.  don’t be run over.  don’t fall under the spell of the armadillo effect.  stay alert until the end.  the difference is literally a matter of life or death.


me,me,me,me,me!  why does every thought have to be about me?  ah –it is because we talk to ourselves more than anyone else.  and the topic is usually about what am i going to say next.  you listen to a friend’s story and while they are telling the story, you start to think about what your story is about you on this topic.  it usually starts like this “I….”  it is always “i did this”, etc.  i would say that you need to practice the art of refraining.  in other words –please refrain from talking about yourself all the time.  this will make you more approachable and help you control your words more.  try to refrain –it will create a whole new you.

think before you think

we teach our children as we were taught –don’t say mean or negative things to or about people –it will only lead to others judging you in a bad light.  but the reality is we need to look at the thoughts we have before anything comes out of our mouths.  we need to judge ourselves before others judge us.  we need to think about our thoughts.  we need to pause a thought before it goes out the door to the world.  yes, it is the old cliche again –think before you speak.  but i am talking about going deeper than that.  think before you think.  you need to say to yourself –“why am i thinking this negative thought about this person”  –well –we all know that instinctively we can’t help this from happening –it is human nature to think negative thoughts about someone, even if they are your best friend.  but it is more likely to occur if it is not your best friend.  so we need to hone in on that point –we need to think of everyone as our “best friend” to deflect the natural inclination to go negative.  for example –you see a person who is rude –think first –“this is my best friend” –that will halt the negative thought from starting –then you move on and your mind is clearer of negative thoughts.  yeah this could be a complicated approach, but something to think about.  on the other hand, just think before you think.  don’t let the negative thought form at all -stop it in it’s tracks -say to yourself –“i will not think this”.  I’m starting to try it and it seems to work.

good judgement

good judgement is hard to come by in life.  many times when you are young, you practice bad judgement.  i’m not talking about the major gut decisions.  i’m talking about should you drink and then drive.  or should you jump off that cliff on you vacation in Greece.  or should you cross the highway at night.  these types of judgement calls can often mean life or death.  and many times, they come when your mind is not right–under a few drinks, maybe.  and if this is the case–it is hard to make the right call –dash across the street or wait until it is absolutely clear?  if you are sober, you can make this call calmly.  taking the drink out of the equation –you need to make sure you make the right judgement calls where an accident can easily occur with the wrong call.  the reality is –yeah you can end your life with the wrong call -but when you are gone, you won’t even know it –you will only know that last minute right after you make the wrong call –the “oh shit” moment.  you won’t feel anything after that.  what you will screw up is what you could done with your life and how you hurt the people you left behind.  they are the ones hurting.  they are the ones who get screwed if you make the bad judgement call.  much of life is luck–no doubt.  but, you can help steer that luck in your direction with just 1 or 2 good judgement calls.  make the good call –it’s easy.