keep going

just keep going.  that’s it.  don’t stop when you are in the middle of something.  just keep going and you will get there – but only if you don’t stop.  it may seem hopeless and relentless, but if all you do is keep going, then you will be rewarded someday.  if you stop, you get nothing in return.  so if you don’t know what to do – then just keep doing what you are doing – and don’t stop, never stop until the end.  keep going.

unbroken spirit

it is strange when you realize that your spirit is being broken – by another person, relationship, job, etc.  it is a strange feeling when you cannot express your thoughts, ideas, feelings anymore.  they are not needed, they are discarded, they are ignored – so you feel the spirit breaking and you just close your mouth and accept what is going on around you.  you still go through the motions and you still do what is expected – but you also realize that the spirit is in the process of being broken.  if you have to stay in the current spirit-breaking situation – you have 2 choices – let the spirit break and become a different person or don’t let the spirit break, but quietly adapt to the situation.  you have to be strong to fight against the spirit breaking process.  but you can do it.  the 1st step is to realize that this process is happening.  when you realize, you can then control yourself.  you need to stay in this situation for now – you know that.  if you don’t – simple – get out.  but let’s assume you need to stay for now.  so, realize what is going on, then start to protect the spirit – keep it tucked away – back in your mind and soul.  you then need to function without the spirit – almost like a robot.  do what you are supposed to do – take all emotion out – go day by day – and relax when away from the situation – be yourself so that you don’t change.  but when in the situation, be the robot, be the person that is required to keep things going.  the last thing to do is think about how to get out of the situation when you are ready.  stay in it as long as you need to – then prepare to get out.  you must get out in the end – otherwise no sense in protecting the spirit.  you are protecting the spirit so that you can set it free again – to be yourself again 100%.  this is not new – people have to do this all the time.  so do it and keep your unbroken spirit safe.


you need to keep putting the sandbags on the wall to keep the wall from breaking.  this is what we do in life – we keep putting more and more sandbags on the wall.  we must not let the wall break, we must find more sandbags, we must never give up on this one task.  if we can’t find more sandbags and we can’t keep fortifying the wall – then the wall will crack and break and everything will come tumbling down upon us.  this is the most dire of events that leads to the most drastic life changes – the loss of your house, the loss of your job, the loss of your family, the loss of your hope, the loss of a life – these are the things that happen when we stop putting sandbags on the wall of life.  you must always search for sandbags – this search never stops until the day you die.  if you keep searching and you keep trying, you will find those sandbags and you will help keep the wall intact.  yes, cracks will appear in the wall – this is life.  but, you must never let the wall collapse altogether.  you must do what you have to do to keep the wall up and to keep the sandbags coming.  a perfect wall does not exist – everyone must find sandbags to stop the cracks from getting bigger.  whether it is a financial burden that is causing the cracks or an emotional burden – you must not stop what you are doing – you must tolerate the people and events around you to keep the sandbags coming – you must put up with things you want to give up on – you must tolerate being around people that you don’t want to be around.  you must be calm and patient and tolerant – for the sake of keeping the wall together.  you must do these things and you must learn to live through these things.  that is why they say life is hard – because we all have to do things that we don’t want to do in order to keep the sandbags coming to keep each of our own walls from tumbling down.